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Ask your midwife about the way the dating has been worked out.My first scan dated me at 11weeks 5 when I KNEW I could only be 9 weeks!I know to within 4 hours when we conceived, because it's an IVF/ICSI pregnancy.This is my scan history: 7 3 - measured 7 3 9 0 - measured 9 0 11 3 - measured 11 2 13 0 - measured 13 2 So you can see it was pretty tight - but still a bit variable.When I was dated 11 2, I actually saw them take two measurements - 11 1 and 11 3 - so they obviously just split the difference!So it's not exact - but that said, if you were scanned before 12 weeks, I would be very surprised if they were as far out as 3 weeks! You had sex that ties in with the date they gave...The earlier the ultrasound is done, the more accurate it is at estimating the baby's due date.

Too early, and a mm can make a difference, too late and you start to get individual differences - and of course, it simpley gets harder to measure due to position.

Went for the scan and was told that I am 11 weeks but I am some how convinced that I concived before my last period as we had sex on my full ovulation day according to the clear blue fertility monitor.

Is it possible that I was told that I am 11 weeks preg but I am actually 14 weeks? 2 weeks after my initial intercourse I had a period, after that I had couple of unprottected intercourses and found out I was preg.

In the month after my period none of the days showed as ovulating- which according to the dating scan this is when I would have conceived. hi pureapple i dont really know a definate answer to your question but as far as i am aware the dating scans go on the size of the baby so it could be wrong and your baby might just be small but i cant tell you one way or another sorry.

It's entirely based on the measurements, not on what you think you know.

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I was charting my temperature and other ovulation indicators so I thought I knew when I conceived but all 3 scans so far have come out with similar dates to each other but different to my calculated date, they are using their dates so I am too !!

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