I am dating a man who is separated

It is best to make it clear from the start of your relationship that while you care about this hard life passage he is going through, you prefer not to talk about things that are best dealt with between him and his therapist or him and his ex.

You may think that you want to be there for him, that you like feeling needed, and that this is a way he will see that you are a great match for him.

– You’re not even his girlfriend, yet you think you have the right to tell him what to do with his marriage, separation and divorce.

Hate to tell you, my dear, but you’re in way over your head. You are exhibiting all the feelings of a woman in love — the high highs, the low lows, the obsessive thinking, the lack of perspective, the need to put his feelings before yours — but this is not love.

But love has its own way of giving us things that we never expect, and here you are.

You are dating a man who is separated, fresh out of his marriage but not yet fully, legally divorced.

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