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As you sit silently, you will hear all the gory details of what they got up to, hear her laugh and also hear the excitement in her voice as she reminisces about the fun they had together on their last date and what they got up to afterwards.

You will not be allowed to move and will just sit there like a good little cuck and be ignored as she talks to a real man6 – Have you listen to her have phone sex If her lover can’t be there to satisfy her in front of you then she will have you sit or kneel when he calls and then make you listen as they have phone sex.

She’ll hand you a pair of frilly panties or skimpy knickers and these will be yours.

It will help remind you that you’re not a real man and that you would as well being a sissy.

So you will become her cuckold and accept the fact she fucks other men with big cocks and you and your puny little stub will just have to accept it.

For many Mistresses, the power they get from tormenting their slaves by being a cuckold rim is a huge turn on and they love hearing the pitiful voice and forlorn look in your eyes whenever she makes a point of letting you know what she gets up to with big dick studs.

Or you can head online and begin jackinchat session with here7 – Make you suck a strap-on Since your tiny little pin dick isn’t man enough to do the job, she will humiliate you by making you worship and suck on her big rubber cock.

You will end up feeling like a total faggot as she fucks you in the ass.She might ignore you or she might smirk and look right at you as he pounds her hard.For lots of cuckoldrix, making her cuck watch is a huge turn on.One of the biggest humiliations a slave can endure is being turned into a cuckold.Having to accept your wife, girlfriend or Mistress sees you as so insignificant and inferior that she sleeps with other men, sucking their dicks and letting them fondle her tits, and all the while you get nothing.

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As she strokes and wanks it, she’ll make you tell her how it’s what a real cock looks like. Of how much more superior it is to your on thin noodle Perhaps you need to read 10 reasons why you know you are a faggot8 – Make you take a strap-on To enforce your status in her life she will think nothing of bending you over and forcing a big thick strapon cock right up your ass and fucking you with it.

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