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E-commerce businesses plan their revenue model in many different ways.These include: The direct sales model is the most commonly used revenue earning model adopted by the e-commerce companies.That is, you buy products directly from the manufacturer or the middleman at discounted rates, store them in your warehouse, and sell them at profitable prices.This business model suits businesses with guaranteed demand.Businesses have gone global and serve customers in countries they didn’t even dream of before.There are many types of e-commerce businesses: B2B e-commerce model focuses on providing goods and services to other businesses.In less than 25 years, the internet has brought the whole offline shopping experience right at your fingertips.Even the offline players are trying to fit into the online sphere just because online sales are projected to account for 17.0% of all retail sales within the next five years.

This e Commerce business model turns out to be profitable as you make use of the infrastructure already set up by the outsourcing company.

If you’re reading this in or after 2017 and are still alien to the concept of e-commerce, you’ve got do to a lot of work before launching your business in the online ecosystem.

E-commerce (short for electronic commerce) is when commerce meets internet.

These products and services can be bought on C2B e Commerce stores and marketplaces.

C2B e-commerce usually includes freelance services and specialized products.

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