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This results in such foolishness as the Law of Attraction or quantum healing.Some have turned quantum woo into a career, such as Deepak Chopra, who often presents ill-defined concepts of quantum physics as proof for God and other magical thinking.Polkinghorne makes no strong claims about any metaphysical implications for quantum physics, although that was his field as a scientist.The Buddhist-themed book The Quantum and the Lotus is by two authors, an astrophysicist (Trinh Xuan Thuan) and a Buddhist monk (Matthieu Ricard).

Capra's book had the occasional friendly physicist reviewer such as Victor Mansfield, who like Capra is also a proponent of Buddhist philosophy.

In actuality, Newtonian equations for motion work quite well when it comes to predicting the motion of a football, asteroid, or comet (in fact, the computers used in the Apollo mission were programmed with them).

A few people on the fringe claim that Jesus exhibits properties similar to those of quantum particles.

Both books continue to be embraced by those who needed an all-purpose explanation for their woo.

Arguably some purveyors of quantum mysticism are entirely ignorant of quantum physics such as Deepak Chopra and the writers of the film What the Bleep..., while others may understand quantum physics but draw confused philosophical conclusions from it.

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