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The police officer will charge you a nominal fee and provide you with a print-out of the individual's warrant record.It is not suggested to do this type of search on yourself.The first option is to head down to your local police department and make a warrant request.The only problem with this option is that you usually need a good reason to do a search on someone else.Keep in mind that police officers will enter homes and places of business to incarcerate fugitives with arrest warrants on their record.Whether you're searching for a warrant on yourself or others, you have a few options to get the job done.

The simplest way to define a warrant is: a court document that commands police to take a particular action.

This is a discreet warrant search service that will allow you to search anonymously without fear of prosecution.

This is probably one of the most trusted and thorough services in the industry.

Having all of this information in less than a minute is as easy as filling out the form above.

If you prefer the "manual" approach - You can always visit your local law enforcement office for this information.

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Their advanced people search options on the left side of the results page allow you to refine your search to help you more accurately locate the person you are looking for.

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