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Shemale prostitutes in Milan are very popular also, so it goes to figure they would be popular here as well.

Of course this can be a risky hobby to partake in, make sure to always wear a condom with any transgender prostitute you pick up in Italy.

As most guys reading this probably already know it isn’t always easy tracking them down, and when you do you need to hope that they aren’t already with someone.

My Ladyboy Date will give you the best chance to achieve your goals here, and it can be done in a discreet way.

Even though there is a strong LGBT culture here and many trans around a lot of guys are still shy to let the whole world know just yet.

The thought of going up to a shemale in a bar with so many people around may be enough to keep you from trying what you want to try.

But when you meet Italian transgenders online you don’t need to worry about it.

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