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The new partnership at Langley Mill resulted in the development and introduction of new ranges of art wares.These were designed and decorated by artists employed by the pottery such as Mary Helen Goodyer (c1856–1941), George Leighton Parkinson (1864–1938) and William Calvert's second daughter, Eleanor "Daisy" Calvert (1874–1925).In 1883, Albert Lovatt and his brother, John Lovatt entered into partnership with William Calvert and the pottery's name was changed to Calvert and Lovatt.

In 1897, the production of decorated stoneware vases, pots and other items began again, although the output was not as fine as during the Calvert & Lovatt period as the emphasis was now on ease of production.

This ended the involvement of the Lovatt family in the affairs of the Langley Mill Pottery, although the Lovatt name did continue to be used by successive owners of the business.

Despite the departure of Calvert, the cessation in the production of art ware proved to be only temporary and by the end of 1896, George Leighton Parkinson rejoined the company to head the Art Department.

By 1923, the profitability of the pottery had declined significantly further, with the Directors being forced to take large cuts in their salaries.

Finally, following the death of John Lovatt the previous year, the company went into voluntary liquidation on 18 July 1930.

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In 1865, James Calvert, a chemist and druggist from Belper, Derbyshire, established the Langley Mill pottery on the site of a former brick-works.

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