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If you compare the Latvian women with Spaniards, the Spaniards are not so beautiful, they are arrogant, but they do not consume so much alcohol, and in terms of clothing and style, Latvians look like Spanish.

I have met someone I couldn't ever have hoped to find.

Latvian women do not care who you are and where you are from, they just accept you the way you are.

These girls do not think that they are better than you.

My parents fled Latvia in 1944, and arrived in Australia in 1949. Members will be able to bring home some of the eclairs they make and there will be more to buy to bring home.

When: Wednesday September 11 Time: am – pm Where: Ulmana gatve 114 Cost: €25 […] Happy September everyone, We are excited about the new year and our plans.

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