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Instead of:“Be healthier”How about "Give up sugar for 30 days" Which one is more achievable?

John Keegan, world-renowned dating coach and relationship expert, teaches you the authentic way to attract, date, and find love anywhere.

You need to combine running, or some other form of aerobic activity, with weight training for body recomposition to take place.

Start with light weights you can manage easily while learning proper form.

A study of couples from more than 20 countries found that couples with great sex lives prioritize sex and communicate their desires to one another.

Issues surrounding commitment, priorities, and time spent together also tend to cause feelings of hurt and jealousy. In romantic relationships, two distinct individuals must strive to make decisions not just for themselves, but for the health of their shared relationship.By focusing on replacing fat with muscle, you can lose inches around your belly, arms, thigh and hips without losing a single pound on the scale. Body recomposition is simply the process of replacing body fat with muscle, which is achieved by aerobic and anaerobic training.Spending endless hours on the treadmill might help you lose body fat but it does very little for muscle growth.Don’t obsess over the number on the scale if you want to build muscle.It’s so easy to panic when that number goes up even if you look leaner in the mirror!

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