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She flooded his face with her nectar until it dripped down to the very end of his long white beard.

I took the leftover cheese, crackers, and wine back to the kitchen.

Updated April I am a married woman who has a fetish for wearing nylons.

My themes although I am not limited to them are: seduction, domination, humiliation, blackmail, lingerie,and submission.

so if u have a favourite you want added to please let me know... The more comments left on a story, the more likely to have a sequel...

As unfortunately I have so many stories I have to pick and choose which to write...

She and her daughter were next in line to see Santa Clause, something she always dreaded as a little girl. Her legs beginning to buckle as she imagined those full lips enveloping the center of her love.Santa and his beard hovered above her firey hot love blossom and he deeply inhaled her salty sensual aroma.He lowered his face down and allowed his lips to make contact with hers, pulling her clit into his mouth as if it were a candy cane. " The white whiskers amused the sensitive skin of the inside of her legs. part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. All characters in all stories on this site are over 18.2257 Statement | DMCA Notification.Always looking for: either a woman willing to allow me to use her photos for a story written about her (see Stocking Tales: Office Seduction for an example) Lastly, if you want to know when a new story is released or other news follow me on twitter at: @silkstockings69 Upcoming sequels: -A new illustrated catching mommy told from the point of view of the -two new Kinky Tales -Bedding the Babysitter 9 -a new unnamed at the moment what mom knows chapter I'm on a sequel kick...Also hoping to add to a few other sequels while also writing new contest stories and fantasies...

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