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For increased security, this can be restricted to be allowed only from specified IP addresses.Users can send instant messages to either individual users or to groups of users and optionally attach files to the message.MSN, ICQ, or those that use the Jabber protocol) where instant message delivery is unreliable and messages sometimes go missing without the sender knowing due to a momentary network error, or just a poorly designed communication protocol, DBabble message delivery is very reliable.When a user sends a message, it does not disappear from their screen until it has been successfully delivered to every recipient's account on the server.

All messages are stored on the server, so users can read old messages from anywhere they login from.Discussion groups/forums can optionally be linked to external usenet (NNTP) groups and/or made available to NNTP clients.A single DBabble chat server can support thousands of simultaneous online users and can optionally be isolated from outside communication. The appearance of the Windows client is also customizable and you can even change almost every piece of text visible to your users.DBabble supports SSL server to client encrypted communication using both the web interface and Windows client.Additionally, the Windows client has built in support for client to client public key encrypted instant messages as well as digitally signed instant messages so the recipient can be sure the message really came from who it claims to be from.

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