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I never really imagined I’d meet my boyfriend of four years in a random, mom-and-pop antique shop in Brooklyn.

The letters were mostly friendly but with some light flirting on both our ends.For two months, we continued emailing, growing remarkably close for two people who had only briefly met, once, in real life.We talked about everything from the best cupcakes in our neighborhood and our favorite artists to places we hoped to travel one day.But after making some small talk, he ended up asking for my phone number.I was hesitant, as I often am (even if I think I like a guy), and stammered something along the lines of, “Could we stay in touch online?

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  1. In summary, I highly recommend the site, assuming you understand the purpose of the site. My max first date offer is in my profile at 0 which I do not negotiate. If they state they want to be spoiled, go to a fancy restaurant, have things bought for them STAY AWAY!