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Driscoll was a founding member of The Gospel Coalition, a fellowship of reformed evangelical churches.

Driscoll later reflected that he was "not ready" when he planted Mars Hill at age 25.Paul Petry and another pastor, Bent Meyer, both dissented from the changes. A Mars Hill forum posting reported--without naming the pastors--that one was fired for "displaying an unhealthy distrust in the senior leadership" and the other for "disregarding the accepted elder protocol for the bylaw deliberation period" and "verbally attacking the lead pastor [Driscoll]." The morning after Petry and Meyer were fired, Driscoll said to his pastors and other church leaders at a conference: "Yesterday we fired two elders for the first time in the history of Mars Hill. I've read enough of the New Testament to know that occasionally Paul [the Apostle] puts somebody in the wood chipper." In addition to the loss of their jobs, both were put on ecclesiastical trials to review their church membership.Petry was charged by Driscoll and the other elders with "lack of trust and respect for spiritual authority" and "improper use of confidential information", the latter charge because Petry had discussed the bylaw changes with church deacon Rob Smith, who was not part of the council of elders but had been asked to join.As the church grew, he began to train other elders and deacons, moving himself into a more executive role in setting vision and continuing to preach.In that year, Driscoll claimed that he had reached a personal crisis due to his "overwhelming workload"—at this time he was the principal authority in Mars Hill, president of Acts 29, president of The Resurgence, an author, and an international traveler with speaking engagements.

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