Mens guide to women and dating

If patient, after you have earned her trust, show her how to compromise as well. In a healthy relationship both people must learn to compromise. The guy who will treat her right because he recognizes that he has hit the jackpot.

Perhaps ask her help you with your work, and patiently teach her the skills for your work.They may call themselves “old fashioned” or “traditional.” But let’s not get it twisted, if a man’s pockets is not on point, no matter how great his personality is, they do not have the patience or sense to hear that is he is a broke medical school student.All they hear is “broke” and not “medical school.” Traditional or not, any person in their right mind knows that means beaucoup money in the future, and if his personality is solid, this is a smart investment that requires patient and support.The Gold Digger, unfortunately has been raised to be the doormat for a successful man. Love Strategy: Personally, I don’t have the patience for this this kind of girl but to each their own. Note, you will have to come out of the pockets early on for her.As long as he is bringing home the bacon, she should be happy. If you want to marry a Gold Digger fellows, be careful. That said, you must slowly start to challenge this.

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The percentage of each of man and woman is expected to vary based on location. Strong willed and bold, she never allows a man to pay for her dinner. She can handle her own-self and she has “bands.” No need to let a guy make it rain. With consistency, she will at some point come to see that you actually care for her, and let you help.

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