My year of disastrous dating

I’ve been accused of being picky but I’m trying to be more open.I was going to say I don’t really have a list of what I’m looking for but I would be lying so just for fun let’s see what I’ve got in my list.I keep thinking I’m ready to try again but when I remember these experiences it makes me want to stay single forever.

I went on two actual dates that were so terrible I vowed to shift my pursuits toward those of becoming a crazy cat lady.

I mean a date in the real world preferably in a public place like a restaurant or coffee shop, not at a guy’s house or at my house.

We might even plan the date during an actual phone call….maybe that’s asking too much 🙄 The last time I attempted dating I went with an online site where I met several guys but it was so insane I gave up after a couple months. Some waited a few days before unleashing their crazy some just let it fly right off the bat.

It turned out he knew one of them from back in Venezuela and they greeted each other a little awkwardly. But, I didn’t want to mess with her or her children’s lives, so in the end, I didn’t.

I obviously found that weird, but I didn’t think much of it. I still don’t feel great about that decision, but I feared I would have been acting out of anger for him rather than concern for her and that’s not a good mindset to be making decisions with.

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