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Most people quit, once they’ve failed at anything more than a few times, thus breaking the cycle. In dating, failure is especially hard to deal with.When you’re learning to swim, you can hide your terrible lap times until you improve.

From job interviews to public speaking to leaving a great impression on a beautiful member of the opposite sex – there is not a man or woman alive, who wouldn’t love a little more genuine confidence in a particular area of their life. People can spend large portions of their lives trying to find it and still come up short, while others (to our envy) seem to be born with it.

I can speak from first-hand experience that failing in dating, isn’t fun.

Having to reframe a sour look from someone you were attracted to isn’t easy. If you can garner the courage to risk talking, flirting, and going on dates with more men and importantly – higher quality men – than you have previously, while, at the same time, reframing your failures as positive indicators you’re taking action, then you’ve cracked the code to generating confidence in dating.

Core confidence is developed by challenging yourself across many areas of life, building self-esteem, and rewriting your thought processes, until it becomes a permanent habit.

Remember, this process won’t make you into someone you’re not.

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A person with core confidence will have an easier time developing situational confidence, because they will approach new situations with generalized self-assurance.

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