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Please continue to BEWARE of DARREN AMBLER of He is a Sex addict, Sex Predator, Drug Abuser, Rapist and DRD Carrier.He is so psychotic and deranged that it is believed he actually enjoys transmitting his dirty DRD’s.Married man contacted Andrews girlfriend and provided pictures and the email conversations.The married woman realized her husband saw the work Emails recently sent by Andrew cause she worked somedays at home on the family laptop.She will literally be sleeping with your significant other behind your back one second, and be at your house asking for friendly advice the next. BECAUSE NOBODY HAD ANY CLUE HOW EVIL, MANIPULATIVE, AND SLORISH SHE WAS. She makes everyone pity her “story” about her life.I guess she really does follow the rule of “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. What nobody knows when they are talking to her, however, is that her story is just that.

The same way she doesn’t care about her own husband to disrespect him in shuch an obnoxious manner by blowing guys while he doesn’t know where she is.. She enjoys destroying peoples lifes and relationships and is so vein and narcissistic she calls her snatch golden plated.Back in August, I found text messages in my boyfriend of 7 years phone.I tried to give this woman the benefit of the doubt and maybe she didn’t know about me.Once he found out she was a recovering addict out of recovery he began becoming her best friend. Told thematried woman that he loved her through FB messages and voice mails .All within 3 months of conversation through email and FB IM.

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