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Taiwanese actors Kunda Hsieh and Alice Ko took their fans by surprise when they announced on Facebook two days ago (Dec 3) that they had already registered their marriage, and were now husband and wife.The actress posted a photo of their wedding rings along with the caption, “We have been through a lot of tough times, and seen a lot of things these five years together.What we love about the three series is that the drama in the story is understated as opposed to exaggerated and forced, yet still it manages to grip attention.It doesn’t rely on theatrics, melodrama or forced plots with lots of twists and turns to keep the story going; obstacles aren’t met with overly dramatic reactions—there are no excessively emotional lead characters over-indulging in self-pity when the going gets tough.She said that she was under a lot of stress while filming the series in 2015, and was therefore cranky all the time, but thankfully Kunda stayed by her side, making her see that “he was the one.”The newlyweds are still in the midst of preparing for their wedding ceremony, which would most likely only be held during the later half of next year as Kunda’s work schedule is currently packed till May.

Lo plays a kindhearted and deaf gangster who’s in charge of picking up ‘the goods’ as they call it in the gangster world, while Hsieh plays his girlfriend, a police officer.

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They’re all Taiwanese dramas and all featuring Wu Kang Ren (also can be known as Chris Wu). We came across the Taiwanese actor only this year, through .

Wu Kang Ren is fantastic in all three dramas: he has this natural, calm command of the screen when he’s playing serious characters; when he’s playing a comedic character, he lights right up and is all-out funny (he gives off this fun vibe in these scenes, like this is who Wu Kang Ren really is in real life).

It probably sounds like the only reason we’re recommending the dramas is because of Wu Kang Ren right about now; but really, he is only part of the reason.

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Kunda had specially taken an hour off on Sunday so as to register his marriage with Alice.

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