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The dating coaching company we founded, “Breakthrough Dating,” garnered widespread attention for its innovative focus on helping Jewish singles get to know each other authentically.

It yielded astounding results, with a 90% success rate.

Which is why they understandably feel really burnt out from years of dead end set ups, which ends in a lot of dead end dating.

None of the websites or the few Jewish dating apps out there suggest anyone that’s relevant to you or have any real way of discovering who would be relevant or compatible.

It’s not just randomly getting married or hooking up with someone. In general, we try to introduce at least one new enhancement each week and major feature once a month. Our main designer is in Israel, so I’ll discuss with her what she believes should be the next big changes in design.

We really want our users to find that someone who is extremely compatible with them, and that they will be happy together for decades to come. Our outreach coordinator is in Chicago, and we’ll go over any new partnerships with influencers, media, or Jewish organizations.

The scene was getting old fast, and we knew it was time to innovate.This is, of course, problematic if you want a serious relationship. The only app that constantly learns about you after every match on a deeper level.The click-to-highlight feature really enables the A. to learn from every aspect of your matches in terms of what you really want and need.If you were to look 20 years down the line, and envision how your life would be, what do you see? to give you the amazing life you deserve with the most amazing someone for you.: Our app has no judgment.This is exactly what we have incorporated in the app to give to you. We have designed it in such a way that each user can truly represent in their profile who they are in the most authentic, and true-to-self way without having to try and market themselves.

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