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They were introduced by Sutherland’s sister, who was one of Wipp’s law school classmates, at a beachside barbecue.

“Younger guys tend to be more active, have less baggage,” says Soletti, an event planner who regularly hosts dating mixers.

“I love that she loves me so much, and that I mean a lot to her,” says Sutherland.

“I can tell because she always makes me feel wanted.” Alan Angal, 36, was attracted to his older fiancée, Jennifer Siegner, 45, for her stability.

Those were the ages of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore when the couple tied the knot last year, making their highly publicized May-December romance official.

But even though their older woman-younger man relationship may be among the world's most visible, it's not that unusual anymore.

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