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I currently play a Half-Orc ex-"Yakuza" style Fighter in 5e.

It's pretty fucking fun being the super over the top tough guy who will pretend getting hit by 3 arrows in a round is no big deal, and will stand up straighter to protect the people behind him.

I was actually very proud of them for doing that; it would have been easy to go all "oh but he black; he know the struggle is real" instead of knowing that it'd dam well be about humanocentrism and not "i know your pain man".

Dominating humans is too easy and they quickly lose interest in partners of their own race, eventually they get absorbed into the larger human population and die out. Human men are easy, and they hit all the sexual characteristics.

It's directed by the same guy who made Suicide Squad, it stars a guy who hasn't made a good movie in 20 years, and it has scenes that look photocopied out of Alien Nation. This is the best way to handle them if you want playable orcs.

Like, could they try any harder to make this look unappealing? In the same way I find a tall, muscular, green woman with crazy teeth and who wants to dominate me attractive, so too could an orc woman find a human man attractive. Some tribes have become entirely civilized and live and work in the larger cities together with other races.

What happens if the orcs form a modern society with 100% Orcish morality and culture, rather than human culture with orc minorities? There's also the notion that for a society to actually work, there's some basic checkmarks that need to happen before the word go.

Now, morality is actually NOT one of those, so don't get your panties in a bunch.

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