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By default, “implicit returning” typically only fetches the value of a single Oracle doesn’t have native ON UPDATE CASCADE functionality. When using the SQLAlchemy ORM, the ORM has limited ability to manually issue cascading updates - specify Foreign Key objects using the “deferrable=True, initially=’deferred’” keyword arguments, and specify “passive_updates=False” on each relationship().

cx_Oracle prior to version 6 would require that LOB objects be read before a new batch of rows would be read, as determined by the .

As of the 6 series, this limitation has been lifted.

Nevertheless, because SQLAlchemy pre-reads these LOBs up front, this issue is avoided in any case.

The additional logic to support this system is not implemented in SQLAlchemy. The cx_Oracle dialect makes extensive use of connection- and cursor-level “outputtypehandler” callables in order to coerce numeric values as requested.

These callables are specific to the specific flavor of in use, as well as if no SQLAlchemy typing objects are present.

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