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“Splitting the bill feels like something you do when you're out with friends for lunch.Nonetheless, I have much respect for the ‘wallet reach.’” Some others take a more traditional approach.Pennsylvania Online Personals has changed from a dating site into a dating directory.It is now a dating directory of sites for singles interested in meeting others within Pennsylvania.“I know it sounds old school, but I still think the guy should pay,” says Kristen Ebert, 45, of Malvern, Pennsylvania.“We drop mad coin on date preparations, like waxing, nails, and new shoes, so it's only fair.” Andi Forness, a 48-year-old online dating coach from Austin, Texas, agrees the man should pay.“I’m a big advocate for splitting on the first date,” says Brandie Louck, 36, of Austin, Texas. If you invite me, you pay,” says Cunning Minx, 49, of Seattle, Washington.“It makes it so I don’t feel like I owe them anything (which is gross that I even have to feel like that, but that’s how it goes) and it’s a nice neutral way to start things off.” In the end, it all depends  A lot of people believe that whoever initiates the first date should be prepared to pay for it. “But hey, there are often extenuating factors, so we also do this crazy thing where we talk about it like grown-ups, instead of relying on unwritten/imaginary ‘rules.’” This modern-day dating milestone doesn’t have to turn into a great gender equality debate, either.

The thing is, there’s no clear-cut etiquette on who picks up the first date check.“My date and I split the bill, but if they feel like paying, that’s okay,” says Callie Little, 28, of Seattle, Washington.“I don’t expect to have my expenses paid for, and if it happens, it’s a lovely treat— and I’ll definitely do the same some other time, assuming there are more dates.And if someone does treat you, the most gracious response is always “thank you.”" We’ve all been there.Dinner winds down, the server drops the bill, and there’s a long awkward pause as first date funding sorts itself out.

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