Quotes on friends dating your ex

Joey*, 23, who lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, felt really diminished after his crush confessed her feelings for his best friend.

While honoring your feelings is important, it’s also useful to recognize unhealthy feelings that might be holding you back.

“Getting so wrapped up in comparing myself to my friend was making it even harder to act normally around both of them.

I needed to step away from the situation for a bit to get my mojo back, and now I get that I can still be awesome, and my friend and his girl are also awesome together.”Taking some time for yourself after an ego bruise is essential for showing up from a place of clarity and authenticity.

Reconnecting to who you were before you got triggered by this situation will remind you how deserving you are of someone who reciprocates your feelings, making it easier for you to move on.

Hudson recommends being open about your feelings from the get-go, particularly to “lower the chance of a friend-firing.” But being honest with your friend about your crush doesn’t mean you can set arbitrary rules about how anyone should act in order to protect your feelings or prove their loyalty to you.

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