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At my college a lot of the Koreans stick to themselves and speak Korean on the buses and in passing so its just a tad bit more difficult to approach them. On the upside, they seem far less egotistical than white girls/ latinas. Black reason: this one is a bit harder to explain b/c they range so drastically on the scale, there are some Black chicks that are super fucking fine. and then there's the ghetto "oh no she di-n't" type of black chick (sounds like a stereotype but I shit you not I have physically seen them and heard these very words) They're louder and rather obnoxious, I suppose they might have become this way as a way to deal with Black men.There was this one girl, Shakina, oh god did she fit this very description.Hard to generalize (some white girls have aight asses OMG) but I think I just prefer paler skin, and I don't really like Asians that much because I just don't like the look of their faces (so racist).

Baby mammas breeding with every low class thug for welfare is why nobody respects black women.

The highest response rate to black men is from black women, at 9.3%.

The lowest response rate to black men are 2.6%, 2.8%, 3.3%, from Latino, white and Asian women, respectively.

That's discomforting because of what it says about society in general.

It's not supposed to make you feel guilty about ignoring the message from the black guy because you don't find him attractive, but when racial divisions are who have it the worst.

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