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This problem is most likely to crop up in situations where a reorganization or attrition has prompted a reallocation of responsibilities within the organization.

Of course, bestowing praise on an individual who takes on responsibilities not mentioned within his or her job description is unlikely to have unwanted repercussions.

The key is to avoid linking negative outcomes (such as discipline or denial of a raise) to duties that are not included on the job description or to unduly focus on those duties at the expense of those responsibilities that are specifically mentioned.

As most employers are aware, federal law differentiates between employees who are owed overtime pay (non-exempt employees) and those who are not owed overtime pay (exempt employees).

The level of detail utilized in the creation of job descriptions and the monitoring of employee execution of the duties articulated therein can vary tremendously from organization to organization.

A multinational corporation, for example, may have job descriptions that are far more formal and detailed in their contents than those used by a small local business.

But researchers note that on the whole, larger organizations will often, out of either real or imagined necessity, institute more formalized job description/monitoring procedures.

The essence of the problem is how to reconcile clear directives with flexible work systems.Job description refers to the required tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, and reporting structure required for jobs. This account usually lists the typical tasks to be performed by the position holder, the training, education, and experience required to do the work, and it includes a description of the essential functions to be performed.Typically, job descriptions are used especially for advertising to fill an open position, determining compensation and as a basis for performance reviews. Job descriptions also include information about salary ranges and any benefits that are offered to employees in the position.Companies in different industries tend to approach the issue of job descriptions differently as well (tool and die manufacturers, for example, are more likely to institute job definitions for various positions than are fishing charter services).And, finally, some business owners and management teams simply institute and nourish different company cultures that may have dramatically different conceptions of job descriptions and their utility.

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These documents can help business enterprises maintain their focus at all job levels, including top management and ownership positions.

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