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Andi needs to sit back and accept that she is wrong." Another accuser who met Dier when she was 14 says at first she thought Dier was her age because "why would someone who had graduated high school be hanging out with us?" Their relationship, she says, was flirty, and she initially enjoyed the attention. You are so boring," she said as Dier was escorted out by Barnes & Noble security.(The term TERF, which is generally considered derogatory by those at whom it is directed, describes feminists who oppose the idea that gender can be self-determined, and—sometimes, but not always—object to trans women in what are historically thought of as female-only spaces, like women's bathrooms, changing rooms, and lesbian music festivals.) Dier, both on Twitter and in a lengthy email, repeatedly claimed that the allegations against her are TERF smear campaigns.

I spoke to five people who have accused Dier of wrongdoing, three whom I contacted via social media and two who came to me directly."She did a lot to make us feel special and cool, but then when we were alone she was forceful.She would try to kiss me and that made me uncomfortable," she says.The formidable 6 foot 2 inch activist Dove models in both men's and women's clothing and claims gender doesn't exist - it is "a social construct you don't have to fit into" - but doesn't correct people when mistaken for a man.Dove said: "I used my gender-bending profile as something that had gotten me a bunch of odd jobs from nannying to landscape." As a couple, they'll certainly have no shortage of interesting conversation.

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