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However, Logan wasn’t my favorite, because there’s only so rough a man can be before I give him the boot. Annej, if the strange name didn’t give it away, is Jenna’s shadow, literally.The two were separated when the pond started fuming all over the place, and now she’s a little vampire who seems terrified of everything.That’s because dear Nummyz, in her early days, did what most freebie games did: art on top of real pictures.

However, you’ll also notice as you play that the backgrounds are a stark contrast.I question their use since I didn’t have any troubles, but budget restrictions can forgive a lot.Whatever you decide to do, you’re whisked away to a wooded hub world where you can visit one of seven locations.It’s assumed Jenna will help Aegis, a group of unaffected human hunters who wish to fight The Pond’s newest creation: Fantom Jr, the Blood Prince.But what if Jenna decides she wants to pursue her vampiric instincts, and join the prince in his crusade?

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His creator, an enchanted body of water called The Pond, grew jealous after the protagonist took Fantom away and infected the world with its fumes.

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