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I have only ever had one item stolen from a checked bag.

I brought it upon myself for packing with haste and violating a cardinal rule to carry on personal electronic devices.

Dennis has disputed the test and pointed out her hair test came back clean." data-reactid="38"He recently accused Dennis of failing a recent drug test when it came back positive for marijuana.

Dennis has disputed the test and pointed out her hair test came back clean.

Two days before she departs, Patricia begins to pack her suitcases with the assistance of her laundress, Carla.

She filed for primary custody of the children back in October.

Dennis had her custody taken away in 2016 after failing a drug test, but she was awarded joint custody earlier this year after completing rehab and staying clean.

See Vuittongate tonight @bravotv #southerncharm 9/8 A post shared by Patricia Altschul (@pataltschul) on Even a mundane task like packing is approached with tact, because cobbling together a suitable wardrobe at the eleventh hour is anathema to Patricia's disciplined existence.

The packing process begins one week prior to her departure, when she summons a garment rack to her boudoir.

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Her airline of choice: Delta, a Southern corporation, of course.

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