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Direct to you payments put the burden of dealing with fraud and such on you for the most part.This means if someone sends you 0 and then they deny the charges to their credit card company, or it turns out it was a stolen card or something, then the card company takes that money back and sometimes charges you a fee on top of that.I have seen girls ask for money to be wired, or sent via western union, and know one girl that would accept money orders sent through the mail.These options are not very efficient in my opinion – although the processing fees are small.If you get a 0 private show, you may only get paid of that.

You could join in with others that already have these things set up as well.Some advertise that they pay the girls 50% of the money and do it fast.I would expect the average to be closer to one third – so if a customer if tipping you in a show, you may only get of that if other affiliates and expenses are getting paid.I have seen girls get a square account and get guys to swipe a card on their phone to have money electronically pulled from their credit or debit card into the girl’s bank account.There are options to get money emailed to you through gmail / google pay, and now facebook cash, and similar methods – however, I would not create a business plan around that – as these systems may not let you do it for adult related businesses, or they may for a while and then revoke the account at a later time.

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So there is good and bad in whichever method you choose to use to get money.

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