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Meet single Kannada men women from all over the Karnataka Bagalkot, Bangalore, Belgaum, Bellary, Bidar, Bijapur, Chitradurga, Dakshin Kannad, Davangere, Dharwad, Chamrajnagar, Chikmagalur, Gadag, Gulbarga, Hassan, Kolar, Koppal, Mandya, Mysore, Raichur, Haveri, Kodagu, Shimoga, Tumkur, Udupi, Uttar Kannad.You can do it directly from our advanced in house built software.We're proud to be leading the way in providing live online chat rooms for India and will continue to do so and keep breaking barriers!I have the sea of love in my heart and I want to present it my unique man.I like a nature, to travel, raining when I am at home… I would like to meet the man…who can be my friend, my slave, my owner… nglish – I communicate with the help of the electronic translator. I search serious (with sense of humour), the clever, reliable, brought up, formed man who conducts a healthy way of life, for creation of a strong and amicable family. I love theatre, cinema, to play a piano, to dance, also I like to be engaged in house affairs. I love flowers, good music, nature and romantic candlelight dinner.

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