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But there had also been numerous less formal dalliances. Leaving Maxine 2, my (relatively) new Mini on The Busfeild Arms' car park, I went into the pub for one drink . She was also drop-dead gorgeous and dynamite between the sheets . Let's just say it really had been too long and we were both exceedingly up for it. Margot nearly always wants to be on the receiving end, preferably with a strapless strap-on involved. Correct me if I'm wrong, but what was there not to like about that? My hands gripping her tits as I gritted my teeth and fought off climaxes of my own . That is to say we alternated, spending one night in her bed, the next in mine. And when they did, they nearly always visited me as well. I class me as boyish and unattractive; girls with any degree of bi-curiosity at all seem to class me as alluring. I couldn't possibly ever allure myself, but I'm glad others feel differently. And sorry Danger Prone Daphne; I know you're really the glamour puss of the Mystery Machine crew; I sincerely do not know how I keep outdoing you! Oh yes, I had done a lot of catching up with exes but absolutely zero "new". At risk of alienating both my alter egos, my guardian angel and that little red devil, I'm obliged to admit I can be an awful perv whenever I see a new girl. innocent, incidental items like that, whether she's actually wearing them or not). Can't they appreciate what I could do for them if only they'd let me loose on their luscious bods?In other words we'd both been unfaithful without previously asking permission. I'd said that I wouldn't live with Kat again but hadn't closed the door on having sex with her, whenever she finally returned. She was also a brilliant IT programmer, always able to land a short-term contract at the drop of a hat. And that fucking with Margot was, as always, exquisite.) Then, around seven in the evening, we chatted in a civilized fashion as we dined in the pub restaurant before downing a couple more beers in the middle bar. And like every time without fail she produces raking claw marks on her lover's back. ***** Spanking Margot's ass again was sheer delight. ' Naturally, she knew exactly what she deserved so I duly put her across my knee and spanked her for maybe an hour. My tight belly on the fulcrum of her glowing, freshly smacked butt . We probably averaged three nights together a week, and three deliriously happy nights at that. Except "ex-lover" wasn't a term that really applied to me; I rarely burn any of my bridges and am always glad to see a familiar face . Something about my Velma Dinkley-like looks obviously works. Covertly, I take in every last detail, strip her naked mentally then replace a handful of items (you know what I mean: sexy bras; lacy black panties; suspender belts and stockings . Yes, the things I could do for them, again and again and again!Because the driver spoke English as well as we did, we kept our conversation away from sex. ' 'Manuel,' said Sinead when we were safely out of earshot, skirting the swimming pool, on our way to the time-let apartments, separate from the hotel itself. 'Nearly everyone who ever stays here is English or Irish. In Catalonia and France he was Mexican.' 'I'll watch what I say.' Sinead laughed.And yes, since we'd agreed the holiday, we'd had phone sex on several occasions. ' 'Possibly, because that sort of salesgirl isn't picked for her brains, is she? He liked the complex and signed on the dotted line. Then, when it was apparent it wasn't a con, he bought two more in November. 'But I bet back in Ireland he was sometimes a Cockney.' I wasn't going to argue the toss and laughed with her.At this point I'll put emphasis on "slowly" and "steadily". I'm often overly passionate and far from being restrained. Her arms tightened about me as she kissed back with equal passion, her tits pressing into my flat chest.'Sweet Mary, Mother of God,' she said when, some significant time later, we broke for air. ' 'Let's get a cab to the hotel and I'll show you how kissing should be done,' I replied. ' I grinned at her and said, 'I haven't even started.' ***** We got a taxi off the rank almost straightaway and the ride into Puerto Del Carmen took about quarter of an hour. Manuel knows all about Basil and his disgraceful treatment of Andrew Sachs. When Fawlty Towers was on TV in these parts, Manuel wasn't a Spaniard, he was an Italian called Paolo.

Yes, you've all got it: Davina here, reporting for duty once more, ready to spill juicy secrets that for decency's sake perhaps should be kept behind closed blinds. After another lengthy break I am back in the mood to tell more. Most mysteriously, she always knew when I was suddenly single again.I was, coincidentally, dressed for the trip: leaving warm weather in Leeds/Bradford, I'd abandoned my trademark Docs and jeans in favour of open sandals and a lightweight pair of long shorts.Predictably, I had also gone for a thin white T-shirt. Indeed at that time I practically self-combusted when just one feather-light finger intricately traced a route down my spine.Trouble with exceptionally clever women was that they could see right through the likes of me. With apologies to Blackadder, she was so cunning you could pin a tail on her and call her a weasel. I knew it really should be over, but I was by no means convinced. If they needed me, I'd have been made aware by then. I can also say for certain that, sooner or later, she has always declared herself to be a "naughty girl" and insisted I spanked her to "teach me a lesson I won't forget". There she was, a pneumatic, red-hot blonde, ravenous for multiple increasingly bizarre positions, imploring me to fuck her harder, deeper . ***** Sinead was my prime contact at one of the Widget Company's component suppliers, based in Dublin.And, of course, they knew my faults and failings better than I did myself. Especially not if she got that tattoo she'd mentioned (the one close to her kitty, a love heart inscribed with "me too you", the words I had used way back, the very first time that she'd said she loved me). Not that there was anything remotely weasel-like about the girl. ***** Briefly, idly almost, I toyed with the idea of going in to work. Indeed if some crisis happened in the next few hours, I would very soon be made aware. Demanding or not, fucking Margot was never a hardship. We had spoken on the phone many times, developing an ever closer, evermore flirty relationship.

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I am also doing my best to make each set of confessions readable in its own right. Chapter One Kat's words rang inside my head as I drove Maxine 2 away from the airport. She obviously stalked me in a wired sort of a way, but how? Or did she simply use good, old-fashioned witchcraft? ' 'Margot-babe,' I replied, grinning broadly, 'it's been far too long.' Margot laughed at that and, not giving one toss for any of the other customers' sensitivities, said, 'It's been way too long, but that's not an issue anymore, is it?

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