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The title song, "Trava zelena", was the most popular song of the year and Severina's primate on the Croatian media platform became stronger than ever before. Album had total of 10 songs including: "Trava zelena", "Vatra i Led", "Mr. Moja stvar (album 1996) Moja stvar was her 5th studio album.The whole album was inspired by rock sounds and was both critically and publicly acclaimed.After the contest she started working on her 10th studio album together with Goran Bregović, one of the most successful music composers in the Balkans.Zdravo Marijo (album, 2008) Severina's long-anticipated tenth studio album Zdravo Marijo (Hail Mary), mostly composed by Goran Bregović, was released in May 2008.The album served as her breakthrough to the national platform.It included 10 songs such as: "Vodi me na ples", "Sve do zore", "Svirajte mi rokeri", "Budim se s imenom tvojim", "Zamisli" and "Tvoja prva djevojka" which became an iconic song and a huge hit among younger fans.Severgeeen (album, 2004) After a two-year break, she released her 8th studio album Severgreen in 2004.This was her first bigger project and public appearance after the sex-tape scandal which occurred in 2003. Severina sang about her hard decisions and struggle to overcome public shame, in the song "Na sceni sama" she captured the emotion of the public by singing: "Even when lies and noisiness try to destroy me, I still stand alone in the spotlight".

However, prominent Croatian ethno-musicians such as Dunja Knebl and Lidija Bajuk disagreed, and both the song's composer Boris Novković and Severina herself have claimed that the song includes Croatian folk music influences from the Dalmatian Zagora (Inner Dalmatia) such as ganga and rere singing and lijerica instrumentation.The song "Moja stvar" was written and composed by Severina herself and was praised by critics.After the release of the album she had gone on the big Croatian tour, performing in every bigger city including Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Osjek, etc.Ja samo pjevam (album, 1999) Severina's 7th studio album, Ja sam pjevam, was a continuation of the pop sounds heard on her previous albums.The album was critically and publicly acclaimed and achieved big success.

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