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If your partner is stifling your behavior by refusing to give you any freedom, you need to accept this is an unnatural state of affairs.Isolation An extreme version of this obsessive behavior comes when your partner makes it quite clear they are refusing to share you with anyone else.It could well be the case your partner has been digging into your messages for whatever reason.Have they asked for your passwords, perhaps giving some innocent explanation about wanting to check bank details?There are a few red flags that can help you determine if you are in an unhealthy relationship or about to get into one.Please note that many of these depend on the person, in question.They might actually be engineering a way to get into your contacts so they can keep an eye on who you are in touch with.

It was normal back then to daydream about our wedding day, browse through wedding dress sites and pick out wedding colors.

Women who have remained in such relationships believing that it was better to be in one (even when they are mistreated) than to be alone. And sometimes, these sorts of relationships creep upon us. See, the devil will always take advantage of our weaknesses. Perhaps, you have a fear that no one loves you or you’re getting too old and out of options.

For some of us, the marriage of our parents heightened our fears making us believe relationships are something to be endured. This mindset will often define our relationships consciously and unconsciously.

Whether you meet your partner after being introduced by mutual friends, or you happen to be a fan of Internet dating online chats, not every relationship is going to progress smoothly. But what are the warning signs to look out for, the hints indicating your loving partnership is nowhere near as loving as you think it is?

Here are four classic symptoms of an unhealthy relationship.

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