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Nonverbal aggression also occurs in the form of sexual, racial, and homophobic jokes and epithets, which are designed to cause harm to individuals.The following list (adapted from Archer & Coyne, 2005) presents some examples of the types of nonphysical aggression that have been observed in children and adults.

And not all intentional behaviors that hurt others are aggressive behaviors.

Instrumental aggression is aimed at hurting someone to gain something—attention, monetary reward, or political power, for instance.

If the aggressor believes that there is an easier way to obtain the goal, the aggression would probably not occur.

When Nazim yells at his boyfriend, this is probably emotional aggression—it is impulsive and carried out in the heat of the moment.

Other examples are the jealous lover who strikes out in rage or the sports fans who vandalize stores and destroy cars around the stadium after their team loses an important game.

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