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I, like so many other girls rushing, had decided some of my preferences before I even stepped foot into a sorority house.Still, I try to use the process to my advantage, remembering where I had the best conversations and made the most memorable impressions. During recruitment, we’re told to ignore what we’ve heard and read online about the different chapter houses.

This is the promise of gaining membership into one of Penn’s eight sororities. I emerged from rush without a sorority, but I did get a front row seat to the elusive “process.” The first day of rush is 14 hours long. on Tuesday, we’ve doused ourselves in perfume and plowed our heeled booties through the slush, marching towards Irvine Auditorium.

It proves a girl’s social prowess: that she has cool, hot friends. In the seat next to me is Gillian Teitelbaum (E '21).

That she was tested by Penn’s eight sororities and sorted into a sisterhood. Gillian is skeptical of the process, but didn’t want to let potential lifelong friends and an empowering female community pass her by.

We all find seats in the auditorium and convocation begins.

This is where they tell us the rules: submit any conflicts in your schedule that interfere with rush events, show up on time, communicate with your Rho Gammas. But then, I’m confronted by a huge green slide on the Powerpoint presentation that reads “No men. No speaking with boys, or just no hooking up with them? Is the assumption that we are all attracted to men?

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