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Korean couples celebrate in 100-day increments counting from the first day of their relationship – at 100 days, 200, 300, 500 and 1,000 days.Younger couples (usually teens) celebrate their 22nd day together.Unlike other Asian countries, where it’s almost “a shame” not to be married by 25, Koreans tend to get married in their late 20s and early 30s.This is partly due to the high pressure to provide house, car and a promising career by the time you tie the knot.Know someone looking for some dating advice in Korea. Also feel free to leave your thoughts on dating in Korea in the comments below. Couples declare their love with matching ‘couple looks’, men and women alike watch romance-heavy K-dramas and holidays such as Valentine’s Day and White Day allow Koreans to celebrate their significant other.But don’t worry, the following summary is what dating in Korea is like.

If your Korean significant other has a decent job, chances are, they’re going to have to attend work dinners or even go on trips with their co-workers.This is a big part of Korean culture and cannot be avoided.Even staying late at work is a common thing here and has to be accepted.Don’t worry if your partner tells you he or she has to do overtime every day of the week.They’re most likely not cheating on you, but rather trying to be a good employee and earn that next promotion.

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