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The joke seems to be on the situation itself rather than on stupid men or workplace harassers.

The only real reminder being PC principal since the sodosopa area is now a waste land.

Later that day, local Shitty Take Machine Geraldo Rivera came to Lauer's defense, calling the news industry a "flirty business" in which people were conflating courtship with predation.

It's an argument that confuses a mutual consenting attraction with a man of power using his position to prey on women.

Going with that assumption that many of you are familiar, we’ll also assume you’re familiar with the characters that make South Park unique and what their respective traits are. Cartman is well-known for his aggressive, arrogant and narcissistic attitude. And without Cartman, South Park may not even be on the air today.

South Park may have died a long time ago because Cartman helps make South Park. And just like Cartman, anxiety helps keep us alive.

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