Speed dating in cork city

But this is definitely not the case, says keen Macra member, Lorraine Maguire.

Local Macra groups have organised events such as barbecues and sporting challenges — and some have offered Strictly Come Dancing or speed-dating evenings as charity fundraisers.

Trek is for fans of Star Trek: “I wanted to teach myself software coding and I am a Trekkie myself so I thought why not Trek

Jonathan and Dawn even brought elements of Star Trek into their wedding.

“We had 45 singles staying in the one hotel for three days and they were able to enjoy activities ranging from a treasure hunt to yoga, biking or a ceili or a quiz — activities like this take away from the fact that it’s a singles weekend and people can just relax, have a few drinks and gauge who they might want to chat to,” he said.And that applies to looking for love as well — some people don’t want to go to an international site and be presented with singles from everywhere.So you might only want to meet people from Cork so you funnel or target your search.” Jonathan is managing director of a company which runs around 4,000 dating sites around the world and he certainly stands over his work — he met the love of his own life 3.5 years ago through a very niche site.You don’t usually go to a restaurant and just ask for ‘dinner, please’ and who knows where you’d end up if you went to a travel agent and just specified that you wanted to go ‘abroad’.And we all have dealbreakers in relationships - some would never pair up with a smoker; others would only opt for someone sporty or into off-beat travelling.

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