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Bottle Game, based on famous “Spin the Bottle” game is always of great interest for playing in a big company of friends as well as for face-to-face communication.

The rules of the game are known by everyone: the players sit in a circle and the bottle is kept in the middle.

Whether you are a newlywed or have been married for 50 years, you will love this game! This is a perfect, inexpensive way to spice up your night–and your marriage! Things you will need to make a Spin the Bottle Board Game: Cut out the large “Spin the Bottle” circle and place it in the center of your poster board.

Place the heart point values in a circle around the large inner circle. Pair the more spicy action slips with higher point values. Either set a limit (example: 200 points) or a number of rounds (example: 5 rounds).

The players can play “Spin the Bottle” game, and at the same time chat, flirt, meet new people, make new friends. The video chat has been localized into English, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Latvian and Russian languages.

Bottlegame video chat is the first internet service that perfectly balances traditional online dating services and video chat.

Online multi-user video chat Bottle Game offers a completely new approach to online dating and communication.

The one of the players spins the bottle and when the bottle stops, the person, towards whom the mouth of the bottle is pointed, will be kissed by the person who rotated the bottle.

Now the Bottle Game site gives every internet user an opportunity to play this wonderful game online.

This couples version of the classic spin the bottle game comes complete with everything you need to create your own game board.

All you need to grab is your lover and a bottle–we’ve got the rest covered! However, traditional Spin the Bottle wouldn’t be much fun with just two, so we put our own twist on it! Carisa from Messes to Memories designed the perfect, eye-popping printables for you to create your own spin the bottle game at home!

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