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Indeed, I decided to call the many interested single men, who register on the website of our matrimonial agency.Most of…Provocative, sexually engaging, superlatives rain when it comes to describing these Russian Barbie dolls in high heel and mini skirt that you see on the internet in photo, video or fashion magazines.This Tony Robbins seminar is a journey to the heart of oneself, a unique chance to find your true identity.As a NLP coach (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Anthony Robbins…With the return to Montreal, it's time to take a good deep inspiration and make some conclusions about our Matchmaker experience in Ukraine!Through many films, through the…While men have many fears about a Slavic, Russian or Ukrainian woman, the latter also have apprehensions and fears that are sometimes expressed in the local media.It should be noted that in Russia and Ukraine, the population is of course aware of the significant emigration abroad, mainly economic but…In the activity of the CQMI Matrimonial Agency, unfortunately, we often have a problem with the propaganda of unscrupulous journalists, also from both sides, but especially of course from the West against Russia and Ukraine.If the answer is no, then we are definitely too expensive for you! Money when used well allows us to…A popular belief is that women from Eastern Europe, due to their beauty, are hard with our credit card.A Russian bride, the more beautiful she is, the more expensive it will be and it will perforate our budget. If you add…It is well known, come on, who can doubt for a second that Russian women are all crooks in high heels.

Indeed, the majority of our customers could start…Given the results of our romantic travel group in Kiev this summer 2016, it is clear that our formula, even if it is not magic, it works. Our team of specialists in Ukraine made a great team work both…In our July romantic tour group in Kiev, we have all kinds of clients from different backgrounds and with different behaviors.Obviously, if I want to…Many men are trapped with the belief that it would be possible to start a serious relationship with Skype software without ever having done a real encounter in Kiev, Ukraine.A serious relationship cannot start without a true meeting in the real life.A businessman in his forties, small, shaved hair, comes to meet me at my office in Montreal.He is possibly interested in the idea of ​​meeting a woman in Ukraine.

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His main concerns revolve around immigration and he asked me lots…Back in Montreal with a bad cold, the family reunion and winter coming, we are left by the fire to take a look at our group of 2 romantic journeys in 2016 with a good cup of hot chocolate.

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