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See full summary » This is a below average animated comedy show (for adult audiences not kids).

I did not enjoy it very much but didn't hate it either.

The show’s production design goes full Hitchcock, working not-so-subtle editorial commentary into the background.

(Signs in the shovel section of a hardware store brag of “Burying the competition” and “Drop dead prices.”) There are moments when the second season attains a swoony delirium, comparable to great thrillers about amateur criminals stumbling through a cover-up while doing things that are bound to get them caught.

The kind of thing I could put on in the background while I caught up on some of my work after I came home from the office.

It's not particularly smart or funny and the characters are kinda blah but it is harmless overall and I've seen a lot worse.

It’s an unanswerable question, but great fuel for drama if the writers know what they’re doing. That’s not to say that season two is as exciting and satisfying as season one; I don’t think it is.

Love, which features an indepth look at dating; Mark's new girlfriend Brie invites the gang to her parents' cottage for the weekend. Now he must convince Sam, a dead-ringer for the celebrity, to impersonate the badmouthed rocker. Mark and Sam date police officers Valerie and Vince, a crime fighting duo with reality issues. Mark follows Sam into the Brazilian jungle to retrieve the one-of-a-kind jeans he needs for work.

It was an amateur detective story, with Dory becoming obsessed by the disappearance of her aforementioned classmate, Chantal Winterbottom (Claire Mc Nulty).

It was also a story of young people coming to terms with who they actually are, expressed not only through Dory and Drew, but also through their friends Elliott Goss (John Early) and Portia Davenport (Meredith Hagner); a soap opera about couples, which came into its own when a neighbor in a violent relationship came on to Drew while Dory embarked on an affair with Keith; and a withering satire about morality and performance in the age of social media.

falls for Lily and becomes involved in illegal fish fighting to win her from her gangster boyfriend. Mark, feeling responsible, takes action to get her job back, but is forced to accept the position himself. Sam goes to Brazil for a butt augmentation while V.

VJ and Woody believe the son of Sam's new boyfriend is the Antichrist. The Dating Guy has also been criticized for allegedly being a ripoff of the webcomic Least I Could Do, which was reportedly submitted to Teletoon to create an animated series that did not come to fruition.

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