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"Seven Against the Sea" is available for public viewing at the Paley Center for Media (formerly the Museum of Television and Radio) in New York City and Los Angeles.This episode of an early dramatic anthology series received respectable ratings and ABC ordered a series.However, the series it wanted was significantly different in tone from the pilot.In an interview in Cinema Retro magazine, Ernest Borgnine said the show was meant as a vehicle for Ron Foster, who was to be contracted to Universal Pictures, but that did not work out.When they get word that a Marine battalion is pinned on a beach, and an enemy cruiser is planning to attack the beachhead in the morning, Mc Hale's attitude changes.Mc Hale is ordered to use all their boats to protect the beachhead and the Marines, but he has no boats, since the Japanese sank them all.It keeps them away from the main base, where they are free to carry out their antics and even fight the war.

The entire show is based on only two locations, one in the South Pacific at a fictional base called Taratupa - the inferred location (first episode) are islands south of New Zealand and an equally fictional town in Italy called Voltafiore.It is clear that while Mc Hale is as loyal as any American, following the devastation the Japanese rendered on the island attack, he is reluctant to risk losing more men.His concern now is for their survival until they can be rescued, which creates friction between Durham and Mc Hale.Producer Jennings Lang recalled the film Destination Gobi inspiring a half-hour comedy with the Borgnine character's PT boat.This wacky military service comedy series was set in the Pacific theatre of World War II—for the last season the setting changed to the European theater in Italy—and focused on the loony misfit crew of PT-73, wily boys with crazy antics, led by Lieutenant Commander Quinton Mc Hale, played by Borgnine. Montagne, had enjoyed success with The Phil Silvers Show (1955–1959), a military comedy about an opportunistic noncommissioned officer and his loyal platoon putting loony things over on the camp commander.

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