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But remember that this is a difficult transition for many military men and try to be understanding about it. Don’t Give Him Directions They’ve traveled in various countries around the world, been tossed into foreign lands and expected to navigate.

Do him the courtesy of not being a backseat driver. Be Proud Your man is proud of his work, and so should you be.

He may not open up to you about it, but if you can get him to see a professional, he won’t retreat so often into his shell.

There are many big changes that come with being in military relationships, but as a couple anyone can make it through the changes together with experience and love.

Because in the end we will always be there for our guys and keep loving them.

Military girlfriends and spouses certainly know a thing or two about long distance relationships.

Your man will be coming from a world of rank and file to the “real world,” where such things don’t matter.

His need to express his authority may be maddening at times.

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