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This is a partisan reading of these results, so much so that her conclusions nearly abandon science altogether.

Jesse Singal, who wrote a fascinating article in The Atlantic last fall about transgender children (and received significant heat for it), tweeted this observation of the article: Interesting example of what happens when, for ideological reasons, you decide to pretend that biological sex isn't a thing that exists and is pretty deeply baked into who we are.

Because of this, many people will continue to find love, and heck, even procreate.We found a nifty bench surrounded by trees and sat down. The truth is, before I came out to myself and to everyone around me, I almost killed the woman I was pretending to be, because I couldn’t be her anymore. An ex of mine identified as a lesbian and when she would introduce me as her boyfriend, her friends would exclaim with shock, “Your BOYfriend!? ” She would quickly explain, “Well, he’s trans.” As if it was a justifiable answer.She was trying to tell her friends that she was still an acceptable lesbian because I wasn’t a real man, I was a trans man, so see, it didn’t count.When those innate cues are erased in favor of gender “reversals” or an androgynous or “non-binary” appearance, the natural anchors for attraction either disappear or are muddled.If I am a man, why would I be attracted to someone who wants to look like neither a man or a woman?

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A recent Journal of Social and Personal Relationships study found that nearly 90 percent of survey respondents are not interested in dating transgender people.

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