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Since its development in the college, the Babcock Test has hardly been modified.

Expansion of the chemistry and biology departments were largely led by scholars Arthur Michael, who was one of the first organic chemists in the U. Barnum was one of the earliest benefactors of Tufts College, and the Barnum Museum of Natural History (Barnum Hall) was constructed in 1884 with funds donated by him to house his collection of animal specimens and the stuffed hide of Jumbo the elephant, who would become the university's mascot.

S., and John Sterling Kingsley, who was one of the first scholars of comparative anatomy. The building stood until April 14, 1975, when fire gutted Barnum Hall, destroying the entire collection.

On July 15, 1892, the Tufts Board of Trustees voted "that the College be opened to women in the undergraduate departments on the same terms and conditions as men".

During the Civil War the college actively supported the Union cause. Stearns which stood on part of the campus was a station on the Underground Railroad.

Other notable alumni include numerous CEOs and founders of Fortune 500 companies, high ranking U. His 20-acre donation (then valued at ,000) is still at the heart of Tufts' now-150 acre campus, straddling Somerville and Medford.

His student at the college, Frederick Stark Pearson, would eventually become one of America's pioneers of the electrical power industry.

He became responsible for the development of the electric power and electric street car systems which many cities in South America and Europe used. Babcock who developed the first practical test to determine the amount of butterfat in milk.

Tufts expanded in the 1933 with the opening of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, the first graduate school of international affairs in the United States.

The Fletcher School began as a joint effort between Tufts and Harvard University, funded by an endowment from longtime Tufts benefactor and alumnus Austin Barclay Fletcher.

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