Updating brass lamps

You won’t see this part because the lampshade will over it. Highly recommend spray priming anything metal, glass, ceramic, any kind of smooth surface.

I did several light coats of Krylon white primer until it was covered.

After soaking the panes of glass in hot soapy water for 3o minutes, the starburst decals simply flaked off.

I am actually considering adding a DIY chalkboard frame where the window is, but I haven’t made it and tried it out yet.

And the flowers are just some lantana that I clipped from my mailbox flower garden that I plan to show you on Wednesday. You may remember my inspiration pictures from this post. I am just trying to nail down some other color ideas in the living room before I make that decision.

Any residual decal came off with a little scrubbing. Spray Painting Light Fixture: While the glass was drying I took apart the rest of the light fixture; removed the light bulbs and sleeves and covered the sockets with tape.

A quick wiping with a clean rag and the fixture was ready for some spray primer and oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

Search for updating brass lamps:

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Yes, well that’s where I found myself several weeks ago.

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