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PCLinux OS is a rolling release Linux distribution, offering a KDE and a MATE desktop version.Besides these official versions, other community maintained flavors for other desktop environments are available.Since PCLinux OS is a rolling release distribution, the PCLinux OS documentation advises to do a proper system update once every week or two.

Graphics card drivers are also easy to manage using the Control Center.Currently PCLinux OS does not support the use of Snap or Flatpak packages to install applications.I was not able to find official documentation for PCLinux OS on the main PCLinux OS website.You can also manually go to the applications menu and select the application you would like to start.The PCLinux OS installation includes a nice selection of applications, including the complete Libre Office suite, the Firefox browser and GIMP.

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One site with documentation I found helpful was https://pclinuxoshelp.com, but some of the information on this site was out-of-date.

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