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When OK is pressed, a server callback is made to verify all if constraints have been violated.

There is a need for access rules on what operators can see what data from what oil and gas fields, and for complex constraints to run during import of XML files.

The DCAT namespace has similar examples, where only IRI nodes are permitted: dcat:landing Page, dcat:access URL and dcat:download URL.

The declared ranges are foaf: Document or rdfs: Resource.

ex: Person spin:constraint [ sp:text "ASK " ] ; spin:constraint [ sp:text "ASK " ] This is probably the simplest user story, both in terms of setup and requirements.

The same story can be repeated for other tools that need particular information specified for the tool to work correctly.; Rather than rejecting or having yes/no, and discouraging users and rejecting a lot of data, have a number of responses that inform users of ways they could improve their data, while still accepting all but the truly unusable data. In Top Braid EVN (a web-based data entry tool), we have instance edit forms with an OK button.

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Any node in the graph may serve multiple roles, e.g.

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